We aim to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible. To achieve this goal, we have established and adhere to this code of conduct.

Reporting a Violation

If you feel that a member of the Agence Groom team is not abiding by this code of conduct, please report it by sending an email to concierge@agencegroom.com

Basic principles

  • We never forget to behave responsibly and treat others as we would like to be treated.
    • We are not combative or aggressive.
  • We are caring, pleasant and patient.
    • We welcome newcomers. We advise them and help them progress.
    • We always keep in mind how our statements may be perceived by others. Even if we intend to make a joke, there may be people who don't see it as such.
    • We don't look down on anyone. We don't point out the shortcomings of others. We are just a team that complements each other (and our clients) to multiply our knowledge and skills.
    • We don't minimize the effort required to do a complicated task. Even if a task seems trivial to us, we remember the amount of effort and expertise required to understand and perform it without difficulty.
  • We master the techniques and tools.
    • We are continually learning. We didn't stop learning when we graduated. We learn from each other, and remain curious and open-minded.
  • We try to be considerate; our work will be used by others.
  • We are respectful and tolerant of each other, our clients and our partners.
    • Our actions are motivated by good intentions to make everyone feel comfortable and safe, as well as motivated and productive.
    • We are all different, with different experiences, sensitivities and points of view, and this is a strength we draw on. We may not agree all the time, but that should not lead us to misbehave. If we experience frustration, it should not lead to personal attacks, harassment, belittling, discrimination, inappropriate or insulting language. We remain courteous and kind, we are thoughtful in our choice of words. We are professionals and we behave as such. To have a different view of things than one's own does not mean to be wrong. We use clear and precise ways of expressing our ideas and, when we disagree, we try to understand why in order to solve the problem in a constructive way.
    • To err is human and blaming others gets us nowhere. Instead, we offer help to solve problems and help to learn from mistakes.
    • We encourage respect in all our dealings and have it restored when necessary.
  • We have integrity:
    • We act in good faith and with honesty in our professional and collaborative interactions;
    • We have sufficient technical knowledge, as well as knowledge of relevant standards, regulations and legislation, to perform our professional duties;
    • We respect each other's work, the creative rights of others, patents, copyrights and trademarks.
  • We work as a team:
    • We collaborate and exchange all necessary information so that everyone can do their job to the best of their ability. We know that achieving a goal is a team effort and we work together to achieve success; and
    • We inform team members as soon as we are in trouble; and
    • We support each other in times of difficulty, we don't let a member in difficulty drift away.
  • We encourage each other to achieve our goals and encourage our clients to achieve theirs.
    • We stay positive and do our best at all times. We are critical, open-minded, flexible, proactive.
  • We maintain confidentiality and privacy:
    • We maintain confidentiality in professional relationships, unless explicitly exempted;
    • We refrain from internal gossip, from people or organizations with whom we have a business relationship, regardless of the source;
    • We respect trade secrets, confidentiality and applicable licensing or other agreements; and
    • We refuse to work for any jurisdiction that may require disclosure of confidential activities conducted elsewhere.
  • We Respect the Planet:
    • We comply with the agency's recommended eco-gestures; and
    • We educate our partners.
  • We do not tolerate harassment in any form. The following are banned (non-exhaustive list):
    • Violent phrases or language directed at another person.
    • Discriminatory, sexist or racist comments.
    • Publishing content with sexual or violent connotations.
    • Publishing (or threatening to publish) personal information about others.
    • Personal insults, especially those that use racist or sexist language.
    • Unwanted sexual attention.
    • Encouraging or promoting any of the above behaviors.
    • Repeated harassment of others.

We know that no one is perfect, so we don't expect all Agence Groom team members to be perfect at all times. However, we are committed to responding gracefully if a violation of any of these rules is brought to our attention, and to making a real effort to avoid making the same mistake in the future.