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Creating the brand strategy and a complete physical and digital universe for a new midwifery practice

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Sarah is a multi-skilled midwife. After more than 18 years in hospital, she decided to take the plunge and start her own business. How to connect with her patients, explain who she is and what kind of support she offers? How to give a good image, an authentic image of herself?


Defining the brand's strategy, its personality and highlight its differentiators. Advising on the most appropriate media to connect with her patients.

Designing a complete customised visual identity that conveys softness and confidence with soft colours, round and natural shapes, and continuous line drawings.

Designing a logo that represents Russian dolls, it evokes the multiplicity and evolution of each woman. It also highlights the intergenerational aspect: women of all ages can consult. The Russian dolls suggest envelopment: a grandmother envelops her daughter who becomes a mother; the midwife envelops and reassures the young mother. The baby can be seen as being in the womb or being carried by the mother. Finally, the logo is shaped like an egg, symbolising life, fertility, rebirth and protection. The egg is a gentle security, like Sarah's accompaniment.

Translating the visual identity into marketing materials: business cards, posters, letterheads, etc.

Designing a showcase website that reflects the universe created and respects the rules of software ecodesign.


Sarah is equipped with the right tools to communicate well. Her appointment book was full on her first day.

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Agence Groom helped me to build my project: the creation of a private midwife's practice in a competitive area. They listened carefully to my needs and doubts and helped me to develop my strategy. The proposed visual identity corresponds perfectly to me. The materials created are very professional, combining seriousness and originality. I particularly appreciate their involvement in sustainable development, I am proud to have a low footprint site!

Today my business has started very well, I have had excellent feedback from professionals, and patients come from far away because they are seduced by my site.
I recommend Agence Groom ++++ !

Sarah Desesquelles

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